About Ingle

Travel insurance can be tricky. Trying to understand the jargon can be enough to make you give up. But you can’t get away without buying it – if you don’t want to throw money away on unexpected medical fees, that is.

How can Ingle help?

  • Our customer care representatives have an in-depth knowledge of travel insurance and have access to a wide variety of insurance products – they will shop around until they find an affordable solution that meets your travel needs.
  • Our dynamic website is here to provide you with straightforward information and resources to help you better understand the world of travel insurance.
  • Our multinational staff members have either lived or travelled overseas; we are aware of the needs of student travellers and young graduates who spend time living abroad, and we are happy to help.
  • Ingle International is open 6 days a week – to help you make a purchase or to simply answer your questions!

Ingle offers worldwide travel insurance for anyone, going anywhere in the world. That means you. And you. And you…!

And you’ve saved up your hard-earned cash for your trip – so why not spend a few extra dollars today on a product that could save you thousands of dollars later?

Let us help you before your next trip. Contact us today at 1-800-360-3234.