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With Ingle here to help, you can be confident that we will find the right travel insurance for your needs at a price that is right for you. We make it a point to shop around until you're happy with the product and the price.

  • Supplementary Travel Coverage for the Chambers Plan

    No more worrying about how many days you can travel under your current travel medical plan! Get coverage for additional travel days, pre-exiting conditions, high-risk activities, cancelled trips, lost baggage, and more! Learn more »

  • Insurance for Canadians

    Even Canadians covered under their provincial health care plan need travel insurance when travelling outside of their country or province. Browse through our travel insurance plans to see which one is right for your travel needs. Learn more »

  • Insurance for International Travellers

    Worldwide travellers need worldwide coverage. Take a look at our travel insurance plans for international travellers going anywhere in the world. Canadians who left home without travel insurance are also eligible for these plans. Learn more »

  • Insurance for Visitors to Canada

    Health care in Canada can be surprisingly expensive. We offer travel insurance plans for international students, new immigrants, visitors to Canada, and expatriates. Buy travel insurance now and save on medical costs later. Learn more »

  • Insurance for International Students

    International students shouldn’t have to worry about the cost of staying healthy. That’s why we’ve designed some comprehensive student plans to cover health care costs in Canada. Take a look at our different plans to find the right one for your stay.
    Learn more »